3 Simple Ways to Add Texture to any Space

It can be confusing when we start to talk about adding in texture to a space.

Updating a space can get overwhelming and there is already so much to consider: from the paint color to the furniture to the light fixtures.

And now you’re telling me I have to think about texture?!

There are so many elements in a great design and I think that is something we strive for. It’s also where we get stuck.

We see this beautiful image in a magazine, on HGTV, or Pinterest, and that becomes our vision. Then we try to add our own spin on it as to not replicate it exactly.

That usually results in a separate board on Pinterest, dedicated to this concept and filled with 300+ pins of the exact same thing.

All that comes out of that is confusion and doubt: confused on which direction to take and doubt that you are selecting the right one.

I think something we can agree on here is that there are a few key elements in every design that are a must. Today I want to start by talking about about one of my favorite elements and possibly the easiest element to add.

One of my absolute favorite things to incorporate in every room and design is texture. So often I find this element is overthought or taken too literal. You don’t have to ship lap an entire wall, use a textured wallpaper (ew), or distress the hell out of everything to add texture.

The best part of texture: you can use multiple elements to bring it in and each one can have a different texture to it.

Here are 3 easy ways to add texture in any space in your home, simply and beautifully, no overthinking required.
  1. Wood

Wood elements could be as simple as a table, picture frames, a light fixture, or candles. It doesn’t matter if the wood looks weathered or distressed, wood as an element in it’s purest form will add texture.



  1. Metal

Metal is the texture element that I think gets the most over thought. Cabinet pulls/knobs, faucets, chairs, and signage are all a very simplistic way to change up the texture. Personally, I am a huge fan of a metal chair with a wood table. The contrast of the two textures is stunning.


  1. Fabric

Think: pillows, throws, furniture, rugs, accessories such as table runners or tea towels. Check out this Instagram pic for how I combined Fabric & Metal in my dining room. Burlap is also a great textured fabric in any space.

Changing up the textures you incorporate into your space and using the “less is more” method will create an aesthetically pleasing room that keeps the eyes moving and taking in all of the beauty.

Remember that designing a room is all about layering in elements. Start with one piece, then add from there. It doesn’t need to be done all in one day either. You will know when it’s time to stop adding, and don’t be afraid to eliminate something that doesn’t work once you put it in the room. Try it in another room!

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