3 Tips on How to Enjoy the Renovation Process

Let’s chat about enjoying the renovation process.

Before you think I’m crazy, hear me out. Most people associate renovation with stress. This particular post was inspired by a podcast Naptime Empires by Nikki Elledge Brown.

In her episode titled Delight in the Process, she talks about the lessons she learned on setting the vision, planting the seeds and trusting the process.

Watch to find out what 3 tips this podcast inspired me to share, or keep reading below.

Listen to the Naptime Empires Podcast

Have you ever completed a project and thought, “I’ll never do that again”?

Were you only focusing on what went wrong instead of the positive sides of the project?

Trust me, if you think hard, there were definitely some positives.

I know that it’s hard to focus on the positives when you are in the thick of your project, especially if it’s not going as planned. So, I have a little something for you!

I have come up with 3 tips on how to make that middle part of the project, when you’re desperately trying to get from point A to Z, a little more enjoyable.

3 Tips on How to Enjoy the Renovation Process
  1. Have a plan and prepare.

    First off, let me get this off of my chest. Please don’t assume that your local store is going to have exactly what you’re looking for in stock. I’m not saying that they won’t, but don’t assume.A lot of products need to be ordered. Some things can take a week while others can take up to 4 weeks. Allow yourself time so you’re not sitting there with a gutted bathroom and no vanity. Or forced to settle on something you don’t like after investing your hard earned money.

    Now, if your pipe bursts, you obviously cannot plan for that. (Unless you can see the future, in which we need to talk.) In that case, you will have to move fast unless you have another bathroom you can use in the meantime.

    But when you know it’s coming and you’ve been pinning ideas like a crazy woman, take time to window shop. Do the back end work. Ask your contractor questions. Go to your local stores and see what you like and don’t like. Ask about lead times.

    2. Expect the hiccups.

    Before you get too carried away here, put the anxiety meds away.

    Plan for the potential for something to go wrong. I’m not saying to go into this project with a negative view, what I am saying though is to expect the unexpected.

    Have a back up plan in case the project gets bumped out a week. Even if you’ve done everything you can do, what would you do if your contractor fell and got hurt and was out of work for a week? Or what if you didn’t order enough tile? Even an extra week into your timeline will give you some peace of mind.


    It’s completely normal for hiccups in a renovation. Hell, it’s completely normal for hiccups in a new home build. It is bound to happen, even if it’s small.

    Accept it, come up with a Plan B, and keep moving forward.

    3. Don’t allow the renovation to be your only focus.

    It is so easy to make the renovation the main focus of your life when it’s going on. I mean, how can you not? Your house is in disarray until it’s done. You are, in fact, living in the renovation.

    If the renovation is consuming your thoughts 24/7, there is no way you’re going to enjoy anything else while it’s going on.

    You are probably thinking, but it’s only consuming my life for a short while.

    To that I say, do you really want to be a miserable stressed out anxiety ridden person even for a little while? Who would want to be around you? Are you even going to want to be around yourself?

    Yes, there will be days you need to focus solely on the renovation. But allow yourself time to take a break from the project. Schedule a day out of the house, away from the project, and relax. Have a date night. Get drinks with your friends.

    The important thing is to create a rule in which you do not talk about the project.

    If you’re asked about the project, give yourself a few minutes and share the positives. Show pictures, talk about what you’re excited for. Then move on.

    Remember that this renovation is a blip in your whole life. It is not forever. It will end. I promise! And in the end, you will love it.

    Just make sure that you are finding some delight in the process.

    Leave a comment below on how you’ve found delight in the process.

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