5 Projects You Can Afford to do this Weekend

We all have a list of projects

that we want to get done in our home. But doesn’t it seem like the list continually grows instead of shrinking?

When does it end? Or does it?

This weekend I’m going to challenge you to tackle some of those low hanging fruit.

Wait, WTF is a low hanging fruit?

Low hanging fruit are projects that are easily achievable and don’t require a lot of effort. How you determine what projects fall into this category is entirely up to your skill level, time, and perception.

For some, they may consider painting a room low hanging fruit. Others may consider it building a piece of furniture or even simpler, organizing. It could be a project that takes you 30 minutes or the entire weekend.

Look at your list, wherever you keep it, and star what you consider the low hanging fruit. Then, separate those off onto their own list and whenever you have the appropriate amount of time and motivation, tackle one. No matter how little or long it takes you, it’s still progress.

For some inspiration, here are 5 projects you can afford to do this weekend (to which I would consider low hanging fruit).
  1. Give the front of your home a little TLC.

    Whether it’s fixing up landscaping, adding in a new mailbox, updating your house numbers (check out this pin!), or painting, you can easily tackle giving the exterior of your home a quick refresh.

    A couple of weekends ago, I painted my storm door, our flower boxes, and shutters, as well as refreshed our house numbers. We also added a stunning new light fixture over our front door. You can see the updates here.

  2. Shop your home.

    As I talked about in this facebook post, sometimes you don’t remember that you have a gem tucked away. Or, it could be right in front of your face! Swapping out accessories from room to room will really freshen up the space without spending a dime. And who doesn’t love that?!

    Try a pillow in a new room, move around some furniture, check out what accessories you have lying around (or stored away). It’s often that we forget we can find our own hidden treasures in our storage.

  3. Create your own gallery wall.

    Grab some frames from Michael’s (if you sign up for their emails there is always a coupon) or Target and get to work! Make your own art, frame scraps of wallpaper or wrapping paper, add in family photos, and utilize free printables. Get some great ideas here.

  4. Declutter.

    Seriously, this makes such a huge difference not only in your physical space but for your mental health. My husband and I tackled the clothing mountain in our home a couple of weekends ago and I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing I still feel.

    Check out some valuable tips here.

  5. Create a DIY project you pinned ages ago.

    Whether it’s painting or building a piece of furniture, a simple but perfect wall decor piece, or art you can create with the kiddos, go and search your Pinterest board, pick one, and do it!

    Often times those pins collect virtual dust as we continually pin more, forgetting about them. Dust them off, and get to work! For some ideas, you can check out my DIY board.

    And now, for your homework.

    I know, it’s not even the school year yet. Your homework, if you choose to be an excellent student, is to select one of your low hanging fruit projects and get it done this weekend. Extra credit if you head over to the community and share your before and after pics!

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