6 Etsy Finds I’m Digging

Raise your hand if you also love Etsy?!

Amen, sister friend.

I was first introduced to Etsy when my oldest sister was getting married in 2010. Yes, it had been around for a few years already but oh my has it exploded, even since then. I love browsing Etsy and seeing all of the wonderful shops and creations. It feeds my creative soul.

From ordering items for my own wedding, to Christmas presents, jewelry, home decor items, and digital downloads, Etsy has just about everything. I love being able to contact the shop owner’s directly and easily with any questions and that I am supporting someone else’s dream by buying small.

I love “window” shopping and adding items to my favorites for later or for inspiration for my next project.

Here are 6 finds I’m digging on etsy.


These vintage books from Swede 13 Cottage are beautiful! I love the contrast of colors between the aqua with the rust. Vintage books add warmth to any design and are an easy addition to a styled shelf, bookcase, mantle, or coffee table. This shop coordinates it’s vintage book finds by color and I really like how she adds in the elements of the ribbon and a treasure atop the bundle.

This shop has gorgeous time worn treasures, one of which you’ll see in my very own dining room reveal coming up later this month.


First of all, I hope we know each other well enough for you to not be surprised by this door mat making my list! This is the original “If you’re Amazon, a babysitter, or Joanna Gaines, We’re home” door mat. Yes, you can find this in many places across the internet now, but my heart still lies with the original.

Shop Josie B has the best door mats that you must check out immediately! Check out this very door mat and don’t forget to peek at their other hilarious, brutally honest, and sassy mats.


Ok, who doesn’t love a little nostalgia? Am I right? Give your guests something laugh about all year long (not just at Christmastime) with this glass soap dispenser from Clear Story Glass.


I first saw this mug grace my IG feed, and instantly regrammed it. I am just as obsessed with this today as I was the first day I saw it. As a coffee mug addict, I’m pretty sure my husband would kill me (ok, well not really, but there would probably be an eye roll or head shake) if I bought another coffee mug. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t get it as a gift though…just sayin’.

The Sweet Sunshine Shoppe has a wide selection of mugs and pillow covers. With the new school year quickly approaching, check out this mug that would be a great teacher gift.


Another find from my IG feed, just this weekend actually! If you’re like me and allergic to the gym, I feel like this shirt legitimizes my exercise routine, or lack thereof.

Hey, I break a sweat when decorating sometimes. And, hello, pushing a cart through Homegoods? Totally counts. Especially if you’re chasing children and blocking them from breakables…yup, totally counts.

The Dotted Bow not only houses a great shirt collection, but has pillows, wall signs, and wooden wreaths.


Lastly, my current featured shop The Paris Print Shop makes item #6 that I’m digging with their book, The Paris Journal. It’s a visual diary of a day in the City of Lights combined with 17 journal entries that brings Paris to life.

If you’re like me and have a goal to visit Paris one day but aren’t sure when that day will be, this shop will help you imagine how wonderful the city is…and make you want to go now. Check out their feature here , and then head on over to see their gorgeous prints.

When shopping for the perfect gift or item for yourself or your home, don’t forget to check out the shops on Etsy.

What’s your favorite Etsy find or purchase? Share in the comments below!

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