Choosing a Theme for 2018: Grace & Gratitude

In 2018 I decided to choose a theme instead of a word.

I’ve written a few times before about how I am making a commitment to living a simpler, fuller, more enjoyable life that focuses on what lights me up. Selecting a word for the year is great, but it just didn’t feel right this year. I felt like I needed more than that.

Like many, I fail to keep resolutions.

Resolutions are meant to solve a problem or a choice to do or not to do something. To me, this seems as if there is an end in sight or an accomplishment that once achieved you are finished with.

I, however, am working on a lifestyle change. There is no end in sight. I am constantly striving to be the best version of myself and in the moments when I’m not, to grant myself the ability to shift that thinking.

Why I’m choosing Grace & Gratitude

I’ve learned a lot about myself throughout 2017 and am granting myself some grace after years of being so hard on myself.

To me, grace means looking at the overwhelm, stopping for a moment and shifting your focus towards gratitude. Grace is seeing through the lens of love instead of judgement. It means giving yourself and others a break when one fails to be their best self.

Gratitude shifts your thinking and fights the negative. It chips away at the stressors of life and is a constant reminder to embrace all of the joy in your life, especially when it’s hard to see through all of the fog. Gratitude is about thankfulness and appreciation.

The two go hand in hand. Once gratitude is second nature, grace steps in. I have a lifetime of being too hard on myself that I need to let go of and this feels like the natural next step. It’s all a delicate balance that is going to take some time and patience to adjust.

How about you? Choosing a word or a theme for 2018? Share below.

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