Color Story: Aqua Sky

My obsession with aqua sky all started with a Kitchen-Aid mixer–it was love at first sight. I knew that I wanted to add the mixer to my wedding registry but I wasn’t 100% what color. And then I saw it and it was seriously beautiful.

I wasn’t sure anyone was actually going to buy it for me, since they are generally pretty expensive. But my amazing sisters and their husbands came through and bought me probably one of my favorite gifts ever. I’m sure someone somewhere (probably my mom) has a picture of my face when I opened it–pure shock.

At the time, my husband and I were living in a beautiful 1800 sq ft duplex with a tiny kitchen that maybe had 10 sq ft of countertop space total. I told my husband I wasn’t sure where it was going to go and even offered to buy a cover for it. His response, “It’s a statement piece. It’s meant to be on the counter.” I always knew he was the one. And there it sat, proudly taking up it’s space to the right of my stove.

For anyone reading this that doesn’t have a kitchen-aid mixer and has been debating if it’s worth the cost–it’s worth the cost. And now I digress, as this wasn’t intended to be an ode to my mixer.

Introducing this color into my home has sparked a new creativity and added a new accent color into our space. Luckily for me, when we purchased our home 3 years ago, it was a fresh start for us to cosmetically update however we wanted and aqua sky was officially added to my accent color bank.

Today I am sharing with you 10 Target Finds to add more Aqua sky to your kitchen and dining rooms.

Shop The Look:

  1. Kitchen Aid Mixer
  2. Watch Me Whip Towel
  3. Dinnerware Set
  4. Table Runner
  5. 2 Pack Pillows
  6. Script Pillows
  7. Area Rug
  8. Candle Set

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