Countdown to 30: Airstream & Wanderlust

Life goal: To buy and renovate an airstream.

I can’t really nail down when my love for airstreams became a slight obsession, but I do know that they are amazing.

Perhaps it’s because I yearn for more simplicity in my life.  Or maybe it’s a touch of feeling wanderlust. Earlier this year I took the time to set some life goals, and one of them is to travel somewhere new every year with my family.

That doesn’t mean it has to be a huge excursion, it could simply be a day trip to a beach or a park we’ve never been to.

I know they kind of have a cult following, but there’s something about an airstream that tugs on my soul.

While I must be patient to make my investment into the right one in the future (aiming for 2019/2020…but we’ll see),

here are 5 airstream pins for you to drool over.

{Pin Me}

{Pin Me}

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Are you drooling too? Feeling a tad wanderlust with me?

Whether they’re being renovated for travel or converted into the cutest shops, airstreams are so freaking beautiful!

Share your favorite inspiration pic of an airstream in the comments below!

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