Countdown to 30: Dream

You dream your entire childhood of what you want your life to be like, how you expect it to turn out.

I have achieved many of those dreams. I have a wonderful husband, a house, two beautiful children, and a good job. But life is filled with unexpected hiccups and detours. So while I have achieved the most beautiful dream, that doesn’t mean I’m done.

You’re never too old to dream or to set a new goal or to make a change.

In this post, I started to give you some insight, but today I want to dive a little deeper. I want to scratch more than just the surface because dammit, that’s what my soul is telling me to do today.

There has been an internal struggle going on, particularly this year, with my career.

It’s hard to have this large piece of the puzzle that doesn’t seem to fit in right. This piece that feels forced. Well, I let that struggle take me down.

I let it darken the light in my life.

It consumed me.

I became so laser focused on achieving this goal that seemed so far off in the distance that I neglected other aspects of my life.

I became someone just going through the motions of life, instead of breathing in all of the joy that my life is blessed with.

Instead of just letting everything unfold naturally, I tried to control the outcome. My impatience is partially to blame.

In my attempt to niche down, to figure how to get what I so desire, I confused myself. I lost sight of why I started this journey on my blog in the first place.

This journey began to express my pure passion for design, my family, and to share parts of my story that could help you along your journey.

Yes, I dream that eventually this blog will grow and be my career. But what I’ve realized is I need to release the control and just keep moving and sharing. I’ve been worried so much that I’m not doing things the “right way” that I forgot that the “right way” is whatever effing way I want it.

The “right way” isn’t always how someone else did it. Yes, they’ve learned their lessons and that doesn’t mean their way isn’t the “right way” for them. But does that mean it is for me?

I need to breathe more, relax.

I must stop focusing on the outcome and just share from the heart.

This is my journey to a life of joy, a life of happiness, a life of wellness. And this journey is absolutely about a beautiful home because that’s where life happens. There is beauty in every day and in the imperfections.

So, let’s take a minute and just dream without pressure. Let’s dream about a feeling and work towards that feeling. Don’t muddy it up with details.

Together, let’s commit to every day just sitting down and letting your soul and your creativity lead you.

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