Countdown to 30: Envision Essential Oil

Coffee. Adulting. Oil. Sleep. Repeat.

I have a few favorite essential oils, as all oily lovers do. There is one in particular that I wear on a daily basis: Young Living’s Envision Essential Oil.

First of all, I freaking love how it smells. I’ll be completely honest here, I don’t like wearing some oils because I feel as if they smell a little too, well let’s just say “natural”. For those oils, I prefer to use them in my diffuser or a drop on my diffuser bracelet.

Envision Essential oil smells slightly citrusy with a hint of floral. This oil blend combines Orange, Black Spruce, Geranium, Lavender, Sage, and Rose essential oils.

The intoxicating scent of Envision can stimulate feelings of creativity and resourcefulness. It can encourage renewed faith in the future and the strength necessary to achieve your dreams.

I wear a drop daily on my diffuser necklace and if I’m not wearing that, I’ll use a drop on my wrists and rub them onto my neck as well. It’s such a great alternative to a perfume filled with “fragrances” and with its mild scent, it’s certainly not overwhelming.

When I started my journey to overall wellness earlier this year, I was unsure on how much I would actually get into the oils. They are intoxicating and addicting once you start using them!

Or, at least they are for me.

I love trying new oils to see how they can support overall wellness for myself and my family. It’s fun to create new blends and DIY my own skin care products.

Essential Oils have become a part of my daily routine and when I find one I love, I have to share it. Find out how to get started on your own wellness journey and why I choose Young Living here.

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