Countdown to 30: Planning for 2018 Projects

This weekend, my husband and I sat down and planned out our projects for 2018.

I know, I know. 2017 isn’t over yet, but it’s damn close.

And let’s be realistic here, since we hadn’t really started any projects, why try to cram any more in during the holiday season? That just seems overwhelming.

On Sunday I was sitting with my coffee, and my daughter snuggled on my lap waking up to her favorite shows, and I quickly brain dumped all of the projects I would like to see done next year and a few that are on my mind for 2019 too.

I started my brain dump simply by listing inside vs outside projects then started adding the rooms in our home that I’d like to see done next year.

After, I added brief details on the scope of the project and a rough estimate of the budget. When the inside was completed, I started on the outside.

A while later, after my son and husband had come downstairs, we sat and chatted about the lists.

It was exciting to think about all of the potential we are going to be bringing out in our home over the next few years.

We sat in the kitchen after and ended up rambling off on projects that possibly may not happen for 5 or more years into the future. While those are so much fun to dream about, my tip for you is to not get so caught up on the details of those.

I won’t give away all the projects for next year, our two biggest projects for 2018 will be:

Outdoor Overhaul

Our most ambitious, yet most necessary, project for next year it a total revamp of our landscaping. My husband and I are not “green thumb” people nor do we really enjoy yard work. Our goal is to create a beautiful, low maintenance yard, that we actually enjoy utilizing.

Our front yard needs to be seeded, two of the mulch beds eliminated, and a few low maintenance bushes added.

The base of our house needs to be painted to match the navy blue that we incorporated earlier this year. 

Where the most time will be spent is in our backyard. First, removing the pool (I know, *gasp* Why would we do that?! Answer: because we don’t want a pool). That will lead to tearing down the deck and removing some landscaping that exists now.

There’s a play area that, to say needs some TLC, is a complete understatement.

If we haven’t killed each other after all of that, we will turn our focus to the interior.

The Stairs

Our stairs are basically a living, breathing, anxiety attack.

Well, that may be slightly dramatic, but there’s some truth to it.

Let’s start dissecting this problem area by addressing the fact that the banister upstairs isn’t connected to anything substantial. We fear that will a sightly amount of force, one could easily fall right through that.

Then there’s the fact that the carpet on the stairs is far too plush, creating a slippery surface on stairs that curve. Oh, and did I mention that the hand rails pull out of the walls?

We will be painting the walls, rebuilding the banister and hand rails, replacing the carpet, and attacking some hideous bifold closet doors.

While our list may be lengthy, we will be chipping away at it.

We are going to attack each project, one at a time, task by task, until they’re all done. Of course, we will offset some of the lengthier projects with quick DIY’s and take some breaks here and there.

The goal for 2018 isn’t to overwhelm ourselves but the biggest mistake we made in 2017 was failing to create a plan.

Are you planning for your 2018 projects? Tell me you #1 must do in the comments below.

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