Countdown to 30: Where did the spark go?

“May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility.” -Mary Anne Radmacher-Hershey

One month. One month is all I have left of my twenties.

What a weird feeling that is, closing out on a decade…holy shit. It’s hard to put it into words. I am excited for what’s in store for my next ten years but also sad. Reflecting back, I can’t even believe how packed my life has been with events.

My twenties were filled with growth. They came with a lot of happiness, love, and joy but they were not without their struggles, pain, and mistakes.

I have been asking myself a lot lately, “Where did my spark go?”

I feel like life has snowballed me and I forgot how to enjoy it and how to be myself. It’s as if I spent so much of my twenties trying to check off boxes to find myself that I ended up I losing myself.

In trying so hard to discover my purpose, I stopped taking in what I already had. I failed to pour into the most important parts of my life. I failed to appreciate the beauty that already is my life.

I kept reaching, wanting, striving.

And it’s not wrong to work towards a goal, but if that goal is making it impossible to appreciate what you already have, then it’s time to take a step back and reassess where you’re at.

This was not the post I was originally planning to kick off this countdown to 30, however, it’s the post that felt the most right to share.

I am not ending my twenties quite where I expected to, however, I am determined to still end them on a high note and with and optimistic outlook to my thirties.

I started a journey at the beginning of this year to be more grateful and to live my life more. While I’ve made some progress in the right direction, I have most definitely encountered some setbacks.

The next 30 days, the last ones of my 20’s, I am going to share a new post each day with you. There is a plan in place to share tons of design and holiday goodness, DIY’s, and my favorite things. While those still will happen, I will also be focusing on trying to close out not only this decade of my life, but to close out 2017 on a positive note.

My focus will be on sharing things that spark my creativity, ignite my passion, and light me up. I am setting the stage for the next decade which will be focusing on family first, living life, and happiness.

And I hope that through sharing these things, it will remind you to keep your spark alive.


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