Dining Room Progress

Our dining room updates started last year

…in October. Yes, you read that right. As I’ve said, slow progress is still progress, even if you feel like you’re inching forward.

The downfall to this slow progress is that it’s prevented me from starting and completing other projects. Be careful that you don’t allow your house to become a collection of unfinished projects.

The upside to the slow progress is that the design has developed and formed into something that is collected rather than styled, which is my preferred design aesthetic.

A collected home develops over time and really never stops evolving.

You will always be adding to it and taking away. It grows and changes with you over time. The fun lies within the hunt for the next great addition and in the amazing finds that surprise us when we’re not looking.

Each project starts with a concept, not a theme. For me, the dining room was about brightening it and making it more functional.

The first two things we updated in our dining room were the paint color and the table–which were our two biggest pain points. While a large room, the walls were painted a dark forest green that darkened the space and made it feel enclosed. Our table was a small pub height one from one of our first apartments that was way too small for the space.

After some deliberation, we chose Benjamin Moore Horizon OC-53 for the wall color, which is a soft pale grey.

The table was built out of red oak by my stepfather and inspired by a pin I had found. It was stained with Dark Walnut from Minwax and finished with a clear coat of matte poly. The chairs are all from Target.

Until just a few months ago, that’s where the progress stopped.

Recently progress has picked back up again. We have repainted our green cabinet and added in a picture wall with chalkboard.

Today I am sharing with you my last 5 items on my to do list to get this room complete!
  1. I’m on the hunt for a rug.

    As I expressed in this post, I hate the flooring in my dining room. So, I’m on a hunt for a rug for under the table. The rug may not be purchased by the reveal, but that’s because I don’t want to rush into it.

  2. Adding a shelf.

    Over the weekend I finally stained my shelf to match the table and got the brackets in! So, now it’s time to hang it and style it.

  3. Updating and painting the trim.

    Don’t ask me why because my answer will be I don’t know either, but we had two doors that were cased differently. The mismatching from some of the original casings was driving me nutty. The moldings were switched out a few nights ago and now it’s time to paint the trim.

  4. The ceiling fan.

    We need to update our ceiling fan, and it needs to remain a ceiling fan. The dining room has terrible air circulation. The original fan I chose won’t provide enough light for the room, so the hunt is on!

  5. Plate storage.

    I am in search of a hutch, sideboard, credenza, buffet…doesn’t matter which, to store plates that we received from my in laws.I went to an antique market which I left empty handed. While this piece may not make it into the big reveal, I’ve finally accepted that it may take months to find and I don’t want to settle.

    And now, to burst my own bubble, today was supposed to be the big reveal. While I wish I was sharing the final pictures with you today, my weekend didn’t go as planned but it was a wonderful weekend. Keep your eyes out for the big reveal on September 6th.

14 thoughts on “Dining Room Progress

    1. In the past I’ve found if I rush to just find something I end up hating it later, am mad at myself for not being more patient to find what I truly loved, or sacrificing quality for price. It definitely pays off to keep hunting until you find the right thing.

    1. Thank you! It was a hand me down from my dad and stepmom that was a dark forest green. Painting it was the best decision ever!

  1. Great things take a great deal of time!!! Plus better to take longer and have every detail the way you want rather than rush!

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