Entryway Mood Board

The next project on our list is our entryway.

As I mentioned in this post, it needs a little love. Over the weekend we cleaned it out and now onto the fun part: paint and accessories.

It doesn’t need a lot done to it, but a slight update with freshen up the space and make it a nice transition from our exterior into the freshly updated dining room.

I’m still working on finalizing the details, but I thought today I would share with you my thoughts as of right now.

Fair warning: this may change before it’s completed.

Entryway Mood Board


1. Light // Joss and Main
2. Hello Sign // Hobby Lobby
3. Home Sweet Home Mat // Target
4. Wall Hook // Hobby Lobby

My current front runner for the paint color is Van Courtland Blue from Benjamin Moore, with accents of aqua sky. While it’s the safest choice, I like that I can still play up the accent colors. It transitions beautifully from the navy blue shutters to the gray dining room.

I am beyond excited to update the light fixture to something much more interesting. Our welcome mats also leave something to be desired. Both have traveled with us from our duplex and so do not match our style anymore.

I love that metal sign and wall hooks from Hobby Lobby, however, I will be shopping my home prior to making any purchases for wall decor for the entryway. Seeing as how it’s not an overly used space, I do not want to invest a ton of money.

The light fixture will be the largest expense at just about $50. I would like to keep this project under $100 total, and we know door mats are about $10-15 each and I still have to buy paint.

Now that the entryway is cleaned out, it’s functional. Making it pretty isn’t the top priority so I will be keeping an eye out for sales and specials over the next couple of weeks. My goal is to have this project crossed off of my list by the end of the month.

I’d love some inspiration! Share a picture in the comments below of your entryway.

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