Home Decor Finds to Shop for in your own Home

How often do you hear someone say, “I would but I don’t have the money”?

I  know I hear that often, especially when it comes to design in their homes. Interior design used to be viewed as a luxury, something that only the wealthy could afford. Ever since DIY shows took off, design became more accessible to every one.

I completely understand how overwhelming taking on any type of renovation can be. It’s time consuming, stressful, and depending on the scope of the project it can get costly.

Let me let you in on a little secret: there are ways to save money that don’t mean spending it.

I’m not talking about coupons, discounts or sales. I’m not talking about spending more to save more; and I’m certainly not talking about doing something yourself that you don’t feel comfortable doing.

What I’m here to tell you today, I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, is one thing you cannot forget to do.

Shop for home decor finds in your own home.

When you don’t have any extra money but your space is tugging on your creative soul,
shop your home.

When you’re nearing the end of a project and your funds and patience are dwindling,
shop your home.

When you’re frustrated because you can’t find what exactly what you envision,
shop your home.

You would be surprised how much of a difference it can make when you introduce a new element into your space. Not only can it breathe new life into the space itself, but it can breathe new life into the element.

Think: finding the perfect piece of artwork to put into your living room that you found sitting in a closet.

Think: getting the best deal ever on that end table you had sitting in the guest room–free.

By now you’re probably thinking, yeah that’s great but what exactly do I look for?

Shopping your home is trial and error, and hell, who cares because it doesn’t cost anything to try it. I’m going to help you start to train your eye and mind to find those home decor gems inside of your own house.

Here are 5 home decor finds you can shop for in your own home.
  1. Wall Decor

    Start checking out your walls and seeing what you have hanging there. Take the artwork or picture down and bring it into a new room. Try a new arrangement of wall decor that you already have, whether in the same space or a new one.

    Change up how you style your shelves. Try layering in a vase from under the kitchen sink filled with beautiful ribbon you had with your Fall decor. Move items around on the shelves to give it different height, texture, and depth.

    Bare walls? Start looking in storage to see what home decor finds you found and forgot about. That’s how I found the mirror for our second bathroom!

  2. Paint

    You don’t always have to spend hours debating on a new paint color for a room in your home. Head to wherever it is that you store your extra paint and see what you already have!

    Disclaimer: This may not work on the “no spending money” front every time. You may luck out and have just enough to cover your hallway, reading nook, or entryway. If you’re looking to paint a large space, you may have to buy more. What this may lack in saving money, still saves you time. Use the paint you have to sample it in the space, making it easier to decide on what color you want.

  3. Furniture

    Hunt for accent tables, ottomans, headboards, storage cubes, etc within the walls of your own home. Think outside the box and consider refinishing or updating a piece prior to giving it a new home.

  4. Textiles

    Rugs, bedding, pillows, and curtains are always a great home decor item to shop for within your own home. Don’t forget check your storage area again, because you never know what you may have found on a great sale months or even years ago that’s been tucked away waiting for you to bring it out into the daylight.

  5. Accessories

    This is the absolute best thing to shop for in your home! Accessories can really add up in cost even though typically they are least expensive individually.Reuse a utensil holder as a planter. Search for trays and vases. Repurpose a storage basket. Use the candles from the living room in your Fall dining room table display.

    Shopping within your house for home decor finds takes a bit of creativity and patience. Remember that it can really pay off in the end. Before you throw this idea out, think of how great it will feel when you gave your room a little update and spent no money. I know I’d celebrate with a glass of wine!

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    1. I absolutely agree. There are so many great easy solutions to updating a space that don’t involve a lot of time, effort, or money!

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