Kitchen Reno 101: 5 Must Read Tips

Thinking about a kitchen reno?

Kitchen renos are one of the biggest undertakings you can take on when it comes to updating your home. Not only are there a lot of details involved, it’s typically a substantial investment too.

You do not want to skimp on your kitchen reno, trust me. You will regret it.

It’s hard to figure out the right place to start or know what it is you should actually be looking for. Whether it’s your first time taking on a kitchen reno or it’s been 15+ years since you did your last one, you’ll definitely want to go into it with all of the knowledge and know how.

Here are 5 must read tips before you get started on your Kitchen reno:
  1. Establish how you feel about your kitchen in it’s current state. First things first with any kitchen update, write a list of the things you love and dislike about your kitchen.Go beyond “It’s ugly” or “It’s dated” or even “I need new appliances”. Dig deeper into the why. Why is it ugly? If you don’t have enough counter space is it due to the layout or to clutter? If it’s layout, where is it lacking that you would desire more space? By the oven? Adding an island?What functions for you? What could you use more or less of? This is a crucial part of the process and will ensure the end result of your reno will be exactly what you were hoping for.

    People tend to skip or forget about this step and head straight for the pretty part of the design. When you do that, you end up leaving something out of your kitchen redesign that was super important. Which leads me straight into the second tip…

  2. Always start with the layout. Start working with your layout first, then worry about making it beautiful once you know that your space is going to function for you and your family. If you get too focused on making it beautiful, you lose focus on the function.Once it’s all said and done, do you really want to be utilizing your kitchen and thinking:“Man, I wish I would have though about (insert part of kitchen here) more.”

    “I would really have put the dishwasher in a different spot. Now, it’s behind me when I’m washing dishes and I’m afraid I’m going to trip over it.”

    Or even:“I wish I wouldn’t have done all deep drawer bases. Yeah, they look nice, but I have a hard time finding everything I need. 2 probably would’ve been sufficient.”

    “It’s a lot tighter than I thought it would be giving the island a 16″ overhang. 12″ would have worked better.”

    It’s important to think these decisions through and make sure you’re going to have a kitchen that functions better and doesn’t feel tight and closed in.

  3. Measure your space. Taking measurements is easier than most people think: measure the walls (width and height), take the measurements to where the windows and doors are as well as the width and height of the windows and doors, if you’re not moving your plumbing, measure to the center of the plumbing. Note the size of the appliances you have now and if you’re replacing them, how much bigger you plan to go.

    Prior to ordering your cabinets, confirm that the place you are ordering them from or your contractor will take final measurements to guarantee everything will fit.

  4. Leave room for the appliances to open. When looking at the layout, make sure there is room for appliances to open. I’m well aware this may seem obvious, however, it is easily overlooked and you certainly don’t want to be closing the dishwasher every time someone needs to walk by you or unable to open your fridge all of the way to clean it out after you’ve made your investment.
  5. Don’t be cheap. Remember that you get what you pay for: invest your money where it matters most and choose quality.Think through what you’ve added into your kitchen renovation and if it’s a smart way to utilize your budget. Is the glaze on the cabinet really work an extra 20% to you? Or would you rather take that extra 20% and upgrade your countertop material?

    Invest in quality when it comes to the cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Lighting and flooring can always be upgraded later if your budget is tight. Your backsplash can wait a few months or you can choose something simple, timeless, and inexpensive like a 3×6 subway tile.

    Weight out the additional costs: Is it worth it and can you afford to spend the little bit extra now to get your kitchen renovation done right and never have to worry about it again?

    And lastly, consider why you are doing this renovation. Is this your forever home and you’re only going to do this once? Or are you planning to sell in the near future? Make selections that are in line with why you are taking this project on.

    Kitchens are the heart of the home and worth every penny you put into them, especially when it’s done right. If you’re looking for more tips like these or on other projects, join us over in the community for new tips and trainings.

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