3 Must Read Paint Color Tips

You say it’s time to choose a paint color, but are you ready for it?

I hate the paint color in our living room
but do I hate it as much as choosing a color?

I’ve chosen wrong before
but in my defense it looked great in the store.

I’ve heard so many people talk about how choosing a paint color is a huge pain point for them.

This shouldn’t be a process that is hated or one that is frustrating. Adding color to your home should be fun!

I understand that even though it’s not that expensive to change if you hate it, you still have time and money invested. Not everyone enjoys the idea of painting so the thought of having to paint the same room again.

Today I’m giving you 3 tips to help ease your pain.

Here’s the first (and probably the most important) tip: DON’T OVERTHINK IT.

Paint can easily be changed. Even if the thought of repainting the room is daunting, remember that it’s a minimal cost and time investment compared to a large renovation such as adding a deck or gutting a bathroom. 

And if you hate the color, it’s absolutely worth taking the time to repaint.

So much stress is put onto color and creates this feeling of overwhelm instead of the true feeling that you get from that color. Even if you have no clue what direction you’re taking, bring home every swatch that speaks to you in the store.

Yes–even if it’s 10 swatches. Tape them all up on the same wall (so they all get the same lighting) and assess them from there. You will likely be able to eliminate half of them in the first few minutes.

Which brings me to…


Do not, I repeat, do not just go off of the paint swatches you bring home. And don’t tell me that you chose it at the store without seeing what it looked like in the lighting in your home. Smdh.

The store you are buying the paint from is not the place where you make the decision. (Or, you may end up having to do it all over again.)

How many paint samples you ask? Try to narrow it down to your top 2-4 choices.

Even if the squares of 3 different paint colors sit on your walls for a month, you absolutely without a doubt need to see what the color looks like applied to the walls in the room it’s going to live in.

Observe the colors at different times of the day and see how the light changes the color. If you think you’ve chosen but still aren’t 100%, don’t be afraid to paint a few more samples on different walls throughout the room to feel confident in your final choice.


There’s no reason to reinvent the {color} wheel every time you need to paint or updated another room. Start by looking at the colors you already have in your home and first see if it would make sense to carry another existing color into that space.

Whether you’re reusing an existing color or starting fresh with a new one, it’s always great to create what I like to call a “color bank” of accent colors. Reusing and repurposing the same accent colors throughout your home, at least the main rooms, will create continuity and flow.

This does not mean you are restricted to just your color bank. By repeating 1 accent color in each room in different ways then switching up the other accent colors you will still render the same effect.


This is an oldy, but great and so under used. Cut paint stirrers down to about 6″ or so and dip one end about half way into your paint color. Let dry then label the wood end with the color name & number and what room(s) it’s in.

Store these together and then take whichever one(s) you need with you when shopping for items for that room. It’s a much larger sample and more true to color than carrying around a swatch.

For more tips, join us over in the DIY community!

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