My Husband was Right: This is the Best Way to Get Rid of Toys

I’m swallowing my pride here people…

…and not just because it’s my husband who’s right, but because I loathe being, well, not right. 

My husband figured out the most brilliant way to get rid of toys and now I’m sharing his great success with you.

My son, as I’m sure most kids do, has a lot of toys. And with the addition of our daughter, it certainly hasn’t helped. If you’re thinking “You haven’t seen anything”, trust me, it’s insane. Spoiled only touches the tip of the iceberg.

While I didn’t always welcome the influx of toys with open arms, I learned that as long as he’s not acting spoiled or entitled, then it wasn’t hurting anyone. (Well, unless I stepped on a Disney car…but that’s a whole different issue.)

I’m feeling honest today, so I’ll also admit to you that I’m stubborn. (And I most certainly did not inherit that from my father….or his sarcasm.) My husband, being the patient man that he is, consistently tried to show me the big picture. His stance was always “as long as he’s happy, who cares?” And of course, our children’s happiness is and has always been my first priority.

I realized while I looked at these toys as too much, my son looked at them as memories. For him they were a special car he’d been eyeballing or a trip to the playground to find an unexpected submarine in the sand or a day at the beach.

And yes, some of them were junk toys that he loved for that day and misplaced to never look for again. (You know like the McDonalds happy meal toys or the arcade prizes.)

Even though there were memories attached to some of these toys, that didn’t mean we had to keep them forever.

Toys get outgrown, whether from age or interest. Constantly adding to the toys and never taking from them is where you start to get into trouble.

Our reality, back when my husband first had this idea, was that we were buying a house and had another baby on the way.

What the hell were we going to do? Isn’t this going to get worse?!

My husband came up with a solution and it worked.

We burnt down our house.

Just kidding!

Here’s what we really did to get rid of the toys that were no longer of interest, with no tears from our son:

Black contractor bag + kid not home + putting said bag out of sight/donating instantly = success.

You may be wondering, why black contractor bags?

They are big enough to hold all different sizes and shapes of toys AND you can’t see through them. So even if the bag was left in sight, as long as it was closed, there would be no way he’d know what was in there.

I mean, what kid is going to open up a closed garbage bag just to explore? Well, our son wouldn’t anyway.

The first time we did this, we didn’t give the toys away immediately. They actually moved with us. And do you know how often our son asked for any of the toys in the bags? Not once.

That’s right. He never asked one time where any of those toys went. Amazing. These toys that were so precious to him one moment, completely gone from any thought once they were out of his sight.

Literally months passed and he only ever asked for one toy, which after searching everywhere, even in the bags (when he wasn’t home), we deemed lost forever.

So remember:

Black contractor bag + kid not home + putting said bag out of sight/donating instantly = success.

And there you have it my friend. The best solution to getting rid of toys EVER.

You’re welcome.

What methods have you tried and have either been a success or failure at getting rid of toys? Let me know in the comments below!

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