Our Entryway Paint Color

Taking a slight break from all of the dining room chatter…

to start discussing our next project. Don’t worry though–the reveal is still happening this week! But, let’s take a moment to start on the topic of the next project to tackle. It’s much smaller scale, but definitely a must do ASAP: our entryway.

Currently, we use our side entrance as our main entrance into our home. What is designated as our main entryway is small, just over 3′ wide by about 5′ long (maybe). Seeing as how we park next to the side entrance, over the last few years that has become our main one that we use.

Now with school starting (this week ah!) for our son, I find using this entryway to have moved up in importance.

Once it gets colder up here by no means do I want to be standing at the end of our driveway awaiting the arrival of a bus (especially at 6:45 am, am I right?). It’ll be so much easier to watch inside and have an easy and quick way in or out of the house.

I also think having a separate place for him to leave his backpack and school gear will help keep things organized throughout the week.

Right now if you were trying to get into our house using the front entryway you can’t.

Yes, I’m serious.

With it’s lack of proper use, it has become the home for our recyclable bins and fast solution to tuck away the stackable outdoor chairs when there’s impending high winds.

The first to do on my list is simple: relocate the recyclable bins and move the chairs into the garage. Not too hard, right?

The light fixture in the entryway is definitely what I would consider “builder grade.” There’s nothing wrong with it except for the fact that it’s plain. And boring.

Updating the light fixture will add interest to this small space. My husband and I have already agreed on this light from Joss and Main and I’m pumped to get it here and installed. (Patience, though, because well, the dining room.)

The rest of the entryway requires minimal work. Just a quick cleaning, fresh paint, and new hooks. Eventually when I find the right piece, a welcome home sign too.

Oh right, so about the paint.

Here’s the thing about the entryway, I feel like this is an opportunity to have a little fun and to be bold.

My first thought was to make it easy and to just use either the dining room paint or the living room paint–both shades of gray. I struggled to veer from this because A. It’s safe and B. it’s easy. When weighing the options, I realized I really wanted to have fun with this space and to take a chance.

What’s the worst that can happen anyway? I have to repaint? Oh well.

Let me introduce you to the contenders.

Lucerne and Van Courtland Blue are both Benjamin Moore colors and In the Shallows is a Valspar paint.

Lucerne is a deep navy blue, which definitely makes it a bold statement. Seeing as how we painted our shutters navy blue, it would be a nice transition from the interior to the exterior. I worry that it may be too dark for the small space.

Van Courtland Blue is clearly the safest choice out of the three finalists. It’s a deep blue with heavy gray undertones which almost make it perfect to blend the shutters with the dining room. But, is it too predictable? Too blah? To normal?

Then we have In the Shallows which is almost the exact same color as my kitchen aid mixer and my new shelf brackets. It’s a super saturated color and so freaking pretty. I’m sure you can guess what my hesitation is…is it too out there? Is it too bright and too fun?

Well my friend, we will know soon enough. The final three have been selected and it’s too close to call. I will be bringing home samples of all 3 to test and to see which one is the best choice.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the three paint colors in the comments below.


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