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It took me 2 years to try Essential oils for the first time.

You may call me stubborn, and you would be right. I honestly thought people were overselling their benefits and that it was just another fad that would be gone in the next year.

I was wrong. (And I don’t admit that often.)

Here’s what changed my mind: a body scrub.

Yup. You read that right.

I have always loved beauty products, so when my stepmom gifted be a sugar scrub for Christmas I was pumped. After I used it, I texted her, “OMG That scrub was amazing. My skin has never felt so soft! Did you sneak your hippy dippy oils into it?” Of course she responded that she had.

I continued to use the scrub and then as my skincare products ran out, I had her DIY a few for me. And I loved those too. And I was also amazed at how quickly she whipped them up–less than 5 minutes!

Now, let me set the scene for you a little: this was Winter and here in the North Country, Winter is like 6 months long. So as you can imagine, when one person gets sick it’s the perpetual gift of giving.

And like most years, this was no different. I swear, between the 4 of us, someone one sick every week for over 6 weeks.

Enter in my stepmom’s best friend who was also an oily advocate and a Facebook video where she talked about the Thieves line, in particular the cleaner. I was impressed with how much healthier her home had become over the last 2 years. My interest was really sparked.

I started researching like a crazy person and asking her a thousand questions. I was costing out become a retail customer vs. wholesale. It certainly seemed cost effective to dive into wholesale but there was one thing that was holding me up…

You remember how earlier I told you that I have always loved beauty products? Well, a few years ago I sold some with a direct sales company. During the honeymoon phase it was phenomenal, however, eventually it became very sales driven and pressure filled. The joy depleted for me, even with attempts to regain it.

So, needless to say I was nervous. She assured me that there was no “selling” and that you could choose to share or not, either way it was up to you. I put my trust in her and with still some hesitation, ordered my starter kit.

And I don’t regret a damn thing.

I absolutely love my essential oils and Young Living. I am so impressed at this company’s commitment to overall wellness. It’s really inspiring.

Here are a few changes I’ve already made:

*My skincare routine is completely chemical free.
*I use the Thieves cleaner on everything and love that I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals around my kids.
*Purification blend is my favorite and my best friend when it comes to battling smells.
*I use the oils for emotional support topically and aromatically.
*Lemon in my water is delicious, as is Tangerine or Orange in my Green tea.
*I was intimidated to make my own lip balm and couldn’t believe it took me under 10 minutes my first time doing it.
*I love how versatile the oils are and there’s a DIY for everything.

Here’s the deal…

I think Essential oils are a great avenue towards a more peaceful and balanced home. It’s so much more than just using them. It’s a commitment towards wellness for you and your family.

If you’ve ever been curious about essential oils or want to know more about them and their uses, join the Facebook group Owl Creek Oils!

Of course if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

If you’re looking to join me on this journey towards wellness on the path to a more peaceful home, you can do that here.