Peaceful Home Vs. Perfect Home

There’s a reason my mission is for a more peaceful home, not a perfect one.

You see, so many of us struggle to try to create a picture perfect home. Everything in it’s place, shelves always dusted, floors never messy.

But, the reality of that is exhausting.

We can try. We can try and try and try.

And when we fail to maintain this unrealistic perfection, we beat ourselves up over it. We think we are incapable. We become overwhelmed and full of anxiety.

Why do we feel that we need to hold ourselves to such a high standard?

Who set that standard anyway?ย 

The pictures you drool over on Pinterest or Instagram or even in a magazine, yes they are a great aesthetic to aim for. Let’s stop aiming for picture perfect though, and instead aim to create your own definition of a peaceful home.

If to you a peaceful home is everything having a place and sparkling clean all of the time, and that’s within your wheelhouse, go for it.

If it’s creating a retreat for yourself, even if it’s the corner of your bedroom, the create it.

If it’s about preparing more for the week ahead and finding more time to be present with your family, do it.

For me, a peaceful home is about embracing the chaos and finding balance within it. It’s about my house feeling like a home. It’s about being more present with those I share it with. It’s about living life more and not just trying to survive.

I don’t know about you, but I know that I am sick of being stuck in this vicious cycle that feels as if I’m never doing enough.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the monotony of life, that we don’t slow down. We stop appreciating what we have because we’re too busy checking that off the to do list and focusing on what’s next.

We’re guilty of creating our own environment of stress and overwhelm.

Let’s slow down.

There’s no competition. There’s no prize to be won.

Life is just life and sometimes life can be short. We can’t control everything that happens in our lives, so why not shift our focus towards what we can control?

If you could do one thing today to make your home a more peaceful environment, what would that be?

Did ten things just run through your brain? Yeah, me too.

But what if I told you to just choose one. Choose one easy thing you can do today that will get you closer to your definition of a peaceful home. Then, wake up tomorrow and do the same thing. Don’t create a list. Just wake up, relax, and pick one and then do it. Start doing this every damn day.

Some days you may have time to choose more than one, but don’t stress yourself out trying to do too many things at once. That defeats the purpose.

Have you been trying to create a new routine? Try implementing one part of that routine a day into your existing routine.

Are you trying to finish a project? Try one task a day.

Do you feel guilty that you’re not being more present with your family? Try shutting down distractions for a half hour or an hour.

Has eating healthier been in the back of your mind for some time now? Try replacing one snack a day with a healthy option.

Life is all about balance, and so is having a peaceful home.

No, our homes are not going to feel peaceful every day. And they won’t feel peaceful at every moment of every day. But they shouldn’t feel stressful and chaotic more than they feel happy and welcoming. I mean, how unbalanced is that?

If I can leave you with one final thought today, it’s to stop aiming for a perfect home and instead aim for a peaceful home.

Our homes should be our warm welcoming hug, not a source of contention. Stop comparing where you’re at to where someone else is. Love your home and the people you share it with, make the small changes that you can make when you can make them, and eventually it will all fall into place.

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