The Secrets to how Joanna Gaines Makes it look Easy

Don’t lie, you’re just like the rest us who have fallen in love with Joanna and Chip Gaines.

We all love our JoJo and Chip and cuddling up on Tuesday nights to watch the newest episode of Fixer Upper. Lately I’ve been hearing the same frustration from a lot of people: “But Joanna Gaines makes it look so easy.” And yes, she certainly does.

Before you get too stressed and give up thinking you can’t do it, check out my video above where I dive into detail on 5 aspects of her Fixer Upper design method.

joanna gaines fixer upper

Before you feel too deflated about your own design skills, consider this:

1. She’s designing for someone else and the homeowners aren’t making all of the decisions.

2. She doesn’t do it alone. Who wouldn’t want Chip and Clint on their team?

3. Joanna Gaines has a distinct style (farmhouse, anyone?) that she generally sticks to, but she isn’t afraid to veer away from it for client’s who have a different design style.

4. She has experience. She has done this for years and worked with all different clients in all different types of settings.

5. She has a design process that she uses on all of her projects.

HGTV has a great way of highlighting the fun parts of the process and skirting over the sticky situations. Hey, they have to make great TV and I don’t blame them.

You too can create beautiful rooms in your own home. First, start by reading this, then head over and join our home DIY community for support, design advice, games & giveaways, and free trainings!

I’d love to hear what your biggest take away from the video was in the comments below! And if you’re looking for a design process, check out the details on my new course here.

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