As we send you off to Kindergarten

Our home is about to welcome a huge change: we are sending our son, our first born, off to Kindergarten.

As the mornings become brisk and the countdown begins to that first day, I can’t help but feel emotional. These 5 years have passed faster than we could’ve imagined.

Yes, other parents warned us of this and they told us that it goes fast. They told us this day would be here before we knew it.

My husband and I would often sit and talk about how unreal it’ll be when this was our reality. He would be starting school in 3 years…2 years…1 year…and now…
It’s hard to believe that it’s time to buy crayons and pencils, a backpack and lunch box. I’ve started to view our home with new eyes.

Is that the best place to hang his backpack? Where should we put all of the paper that will be coming home? What’s the best location for the calendar? How quickly can I get this entryway cleaned up?

Before we know it, the details won’t matter.

We will be watching him as he will be excitedly awaiting his first ever bus ride; and will sit in anticipation of his return home to hear every single detail of his first day of school.

Unfortunately for us parents, we can’t slow down time.

I am in disbelief on how much he has grown since he came into this world. From watching him turn into a toddler to transitioning into the title of big brother and now Kindergartener. What an adventure we’ve already had. I’m certain that he will amaze us even more as he begins his new journey.

As a mom, I am equal parts excited and nervous. I hope that it is everything he wants it to be. I hope that he loves his teacher, his friends, and most of all I hope that he remains the funny, kind, empathetic boy that he is.

Maybe it’s overthinking it a bit, but I’m his momma and I can’t help but worry.

I dread the day he comes home in tears from being picked on or because his friend was mean to him. There will be subjects that will be hard for him to tackle and he will want to give up. There will be days where it seems like nothing is going to go right and he will feel lost.

It saddens me to think that we cannot protect him from these things. But it’s time to loosen the grip and hope we’ve armed him with all he will need.

I try to distract my mind with projects but still it wanders back to what’s coming up in a couple of weeks.

On the first day that he boards that bus, I will be wondering what he’s doing, if he’s ok, if he’s having fun, if he misses us. This is the part of the journey where my husband and I won’t be along to hold his hand through.

It’s time for him to fly on his own but we won’t be too far.

As we send him off to Kindergarten, I hope he knows how proud we are of the little boy he is. We will be here to share the joy of all of the successes that we know are ahead of him. We will be here to listen to him, laugh with him, grow with him, support and encourage him.

Kindergarten is just the beginning, a stepping stone, a new chapter for our lives that we cannot wait to see unfold.

And as this mom stocks up on her boxes of tissues, I am sending all of you fellow parents in the same place as my husband and I, a great big hug.

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