The Shelf Brackets of my Dreams

I was on the hunt for something very specific.

I was shopping for brackets to hang a shelf in my dining room. Maybe that doesn’t sound like something that required as much time and energy as I was putting into it, but what I found was so worth it.

First I started shopping at the usual places, you know, home improvement shops. Sure, I found shelf brackets that were fine. And I mean, it’s a bracket…how interesting does it need to be?

After perusing Amazon and just as I was about to settle for fine, I decided to check out Etsy and see if I could find a shop with something that would catch my eye.

Enter Swede13 Cottage.

When I saw them I knew that these brackets were made just for me. Maybe that sounds a little crazy because I mean, they’re shelf brackets.

Perhaps you’re thinking I’m just trying to oversell them, but if you knew me, which I feel like we’re getting to know each other well, you’d know that I’m not overselling at all.

These brackets combined three things I love: the color aqua sky, a nod to Paris with the fleur de lis, and slight distressing.


Do you see what I mean? Perfect!

They will be hung this weekend with a shelf stained to match our table. The blue of the brackets will be accented in my Homegoods find and with my vintage books.

I may have found the perfect detail for my dining room but…

If you’re looking for a treasure or something unique for your home, here’s where you’ll find it.


One of my other favorite finds in this shop is the variety of vintage books. The shop owner, Angie, browses old book shops for vintage books with character. Once home, she assembles them by color, theme and mood.

If you haven’t noticed, vintage books adorning shelves is huge right now! It’s also something that Joanna Gaines does when staging a home. Personally, I love the texture, color, and history that this adds to a space.

It seems fitting that this be the next item we move onto: those vintage bookends that make my heart flutter just as much as the shelf brackets.

With an ornate fleur de lis design, once gold these have been refinished and slightly distressed to a beautiful updated white. Wouldn’t these look awesome with some of those vintage books in between?

I can think of so many uses for the Gone Junkin tray. From shelf or wall decor, to a tablescape, or placed on a nightstand, this beautiful farmhouse inspired tray will look gorgeous anywhere.

Of course, I’m a sucker for the mix of texture between the metal and wood. Then you add in the aqua and an old truck and it’s total perfection. This is seriously cute.

And that charming ceiling tin message board? How cute would this be in your kitchen? Right!?

This was made with three vintage ceiling tins attached to a piece of wood (again, killing it with the mixing of textures) and has three mini black clips to attach messages and pictures.

Swede13 Cottage also has gorgeous pillows and breathes new life into old treasures. Just like with the shelf brackets, Angie is very particular about the items that she selects for her shop. She believes that a rustic, time-worn appearance only adds character and charm.

Head on over to Angie’s shop and check out all of her beautiful treasures.  For the month of September, use WELCOME10 for a discount off of your purchase!

You can also follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with all of her new additions.


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