The #1 Thing You Must Do Before the Holidays

It’s freaking November, can you believe it?

Do you have any clue what happened to 2017? Me neither. What I do know, is that the holidays are coming fast.

Are you ready?

I’m not. Not by any means. There are just two short months left of this year and there is still so much that I want to accomplish.

I am fully aware that I’m attempting to accomplish said items during the holiday season. I know, I am snickering at the thought too.

BUT before you start to judge my ambition, join me in my thought process for a sec…

There are still two months left of the year.

There’s still time. It’s just about being realistic about your low hanging fruitΒ projects and the time that you have to dedicate to crossing them off of your list, all while catering to the holiday madness.

You can still get things done, I promise. Don’t lose hope!

Maybe it’s time that you break up with the idea of getting any big projects completed. Or perhaps it’s time to finish that big project you started months ago.

Start looking at these next two months as an opportunity instead of already feeling overwhelmed.

Let me be clear on what I’m asking here.

While it seems like I’m asking you to add more shit onto your effing to do list during the busiest time of the year, I’m really not. What I’m really asking to you to do is to finish up what you can in 2017 before these items go back on your to do list for 2018.

You feel me?

The #1 thing you MUST DO before the holidays, and you must do it right now:

Make a plan.

Let’s start with a good old brain dump.

What do you have left on your list that you really don’t want to carry over into 2018? Take a few minutes and a blank sheet of paper and just start writing. Write down every single thing you want to do before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Now, with aΒ  decluttered mind, head over to your calendar. Mark ever damn commitment you already know about. Then, leave days open for events that will come up that you may or may not attend. Leave a few floating time slots for things like baking, shopping, or just having some holiday fun with your family.

Next, evaluate what time you have left against your list. What can you realistically get done with what time you have?

You will have to prioritize. Decide on the most important project(s) and start with those. Keep an “on deck” list in case you have extra time after you complete your most important projects to kill a few more items off of that list.

Get support.

Join me and the DIY tribe over on Facebook for continued support throughout the next two months. We are going to work together to get these projects done before 2018 and offer each other the emotional support that we will need during the holiday season.

PLUS I’ll be giving out some goodies over the next two months that will not only help you stay focused and motivated, but some are just for you to ensure you’re filling up your own cup too. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Self care is super important especially when life gets busy!

Don’t miss any of the goodies and join the DIY tribe now!

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