What’s New with Our Home

Is it just me or does January fly by in the blink of an eye?

I mean, is it seriously February?

January is a month where we are not just coming down from the holiday high and hustle, but one where we are also ramping up for the new year. It’s a month where we focus so much on resolutions and plans that the first month of the year disappears.

It doesn’t feel like there’s time to pause and breathe.

Except this year I tried something different.

At the beginning of the year, I declared I was going to grant myself grace and gratitude in 2018. Yet very quickly I realized I wasn’t staying true to that. Within the first week I caught myself falling into old habits.

I was over committing, over planning, and overwhelming myself already.

But I wasn’t ready to fail yet. I gave myself a gentle reminder to grant myself some grace and took a step back. I examined the big picture.

What was most important to me?

What did I actually want to do this year?

I turned down the noise. And the noise I allowed in, I filtered. I stopped taking every piece of advice as what I needed to do or a change I should make and reassessed. My focus shifted towards the noise that aligned with my goals.

Constantly whispering to myself “grant yourself some grace” while taking the time to breathe was the smartest decision I could’ve made to start off this year.

For now, I want to share with you the ambitious, yet exciting decisions planned for our home this year.

Here’s what’s new with our home:

Itemizing everything you want to do to your home and then seeing it on paper in black ink can be terrifying as hell. Taking that list and looking at it realistically, time vs. budget vs. priority of importance vs. want/need, helped to break it down into two lists: 2018 and 2019.

This year my husband and I are planning so many projects and I cannot wait to share the end result with you. In the meantime, I will share with you our plan of attack.

Small Misc. Items

  • New curtains for the Living Room
  • Paint Entryway, add wall decor, possibly replace storm door
  • Organize and clean up the garage

Project #1: The Master Bedroom

  • Replace ceiling light
  • Add lights to end stands
  • New bedding
  • Stain dresser and add new pulls
  • Hang TV on wall
  • Replace curtain rods
  • Wall decor

On Sunday we started the Master Bedroom project and knocked a few items off the list. Stay tuned in a few weeks for the final reveal! (I’m already so in love.)

Project #2 (and our largest undertaking this year but highest priority): Outdoor Overhaul

  • Front yard: Remove two mulch beds, add low maintenance bushes, and seed
  • Paint the base of the house Navy to match the shutters
  • Remove the pool and deck (I know, you may think we are crazy, but I promise I’ll post more details on the why of this later.)
  • Create a fire pit and add a privacy screen
  • Possibly replace our slider from the living room into the backyard
  • Paint & update the playset, remove the sand, and seed

Project #3: Staircase & Upstairs Hallway

  • Reinforce or replace the banister and railing and stain
  • New light fixture
  • Paint
  • Replace the carpet
  • Possibly replace the closet doors

Project #4: Phase 1 of the Kitchen

  • Add pendant light over sink and replace flush mount ceiling light
  • Paint or add texture to the walls (Shiplap may find a way into the kitchen…maybe)
  • Stain cabinets
  • Add pulls
  • Possibly replace countertop

Project #5: The Laundry/Bathroom

And then, there’s the great debate: Project: Living Room Overhaul

We spend a majority of our time in our Living room and dining room. My husband and I have a huge plan for the Living room, but it would be a hefty budget for what we would like to do.

We are still in debate whether to invest in the Living room this year, but on a slightly scaled back (i.e. wait to replace the furniture/flooring until next year, but do the rest) or to just wait until we can do it all at once.

If we decide to do the living room, it will most likely take place of some of the smaller projects or the items you see noted as possibly.

Again, more details to unfold on this debate as we near our conclusion (hopefully soon!).

Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for sneak peeks of the Master bedroom prior to the reveal!

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