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Our Story

Are you ready to ignite your passion for design?

Don't let your uncertainty or lack of resources stop you!

Scratch that. Don't let any one or any thing stop you.

Here at Owl Creek, we are inspiring women to follow their passion for design, whether it's finding the perfect decor, embracing their inner design nerd, or pursuing a peaceful home.

Obsessed with DIY shows?
Can't stop pinning ideas to your Decor board?
Have you always imagined what your first house would look like and now that you're living in it you don't know where to start?
Whether you're looking for the next best accessory to add some pop to your space or you're embarking on a serious renovation, we will teach you all of the tips & tricks of the trade and show you all of the behind the scene realities.

Welcome to Owl Creek, design for real life.

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