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Pursuing a Peaceful Home

What does having a peaceful home mean to you?

Is it having continuity between spaces and a cohesive design?
Or is it having more fun?

Is it organization and less clutter?
Or is it creating a space that you can escape to to sort through your thoughts and grab a minute alone?

Everyone has their own definition of a peaceful home. It starts by identifying the current stressors and creating a plan to eliminate or reduce them.

If every night you’re coming home and rushing to make dinner then trying to squeeze in family time between loads of laundry, dishes, and other chores, what systems can you put in place to ease the stress and focus more on your family time?

If you’re constantly getting irritated that you can never find what you’re looking for, maybe it’s time to commit to organization and giving everything a set home.

If you’re waking up every morning attempting to enjoy your coffee in a breakfast nook that looks like it’s from 1980, get your ass on Pinterest and start getting inspired to update the space.

And if financially you can’t make the changes you need to right now to visually have a more peaceful home, it’s time to change your focus towards gratitude and work on your mindset.

Simply put, having a peaceful home means coming home and feeling that “ahhh” feeling; it’s feeling relaxed, comfortable, and welcome.

Owl Creek’s mission is to inspire you no matter where you are at on your design journey and to support you along the way.