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Work With Me

Work With Me

You watch all of those DIY shows and spend hours on Pinterest
and you only find yourself more confused with what to do with your house.

You started what you thought would be a "small project"
and it quickly became bigger than you could have predicted.

You are so tired of all of the clutter in your home
but you just can't seem to find the right solution.

From creating a color scheme for one room to a complete renovation, I am here to help you create a gorgeous home! Whether you're looking for a quick consultation to get yourself headed in the right direction or are in need of design services for a large project, no project is too small or large. 

An example of some of my services:

>>Floor plans & space planning
>>Furniture procurement
>>Color Schemes
>>Material selection
>>Full renovations
>>Small updates to an existing space
>>Design reviews
>>Mood boards

Not sure you're seeing what you need? Whether you are local or prefer to work with me online, my services are customized to your specific project.

All projects begin with a free 30 minute design consultation where will will discuss the scope of your project and expectations*. 24-48 business hours after our meeting, you will receive a project proposal from me that will outline my services for your project, a projected timeline, and cost.

*No specific design details, tips, or suggestions will be discussed during the consult. This consult is for me to get an idea of what services you require and a budget.

 Schedule your consult below.